Share an expenses sheet after a trip with friends

What is an expenses sheet?

Shared expenses sheet

An expenses sheet is a kind of spreadsheet you enter your shared expenses in and that computes the "who owes whom" automatically.

How it works?

Creating a new expenses sheet You create an expenses sheet by providing at least the name of the people who share the expenses. Optionally, you can set a title for the sheet and change the currency.

Spreadsheet of shared expenses Each row represents an expense and stores at least who paid and how much.

Splitting an expense If an expense should not be splitted equally or not between everybody, you can specify the distribution in the "who pays" column.

Global splitting of shared expenses You can also change the distribution for all the expenses that have the default distribution.

Distribution of expenses by category If you write categories in the "what" column, you'll get a nice pie chart! To add just a comment to an expense, write into parenthesis in the "what" column.

Minimal set of debts Everytime you enter an expense, the minimal set of debts is updated.

Paying back a debt When all the expenses have been entered, you can check the debts for tracing who has paid. As soon as one debt is checked, the sheet is locked to prevent modifying the set of debts.

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