Living with roommates, sharing holidays expenses with friends…, this service answers to "who owes whom?".

For an event

Returning from a weekend with friends or sharing the cost of a party? Create and share an expenses sheet, without registration.

For roommates

Living with roommates or frequently sharing expenses with people? Sign in to manage several expenses sheets and track your debts.

Who owes who?

Manage your accounts with your friends

For shared expenses

Whether sharing the cost of a party or of a bachelor party, shopping for a dinner with colleagues or spending money on a vacation with friends, is a simple and powerful web application that answers the question "who owes how much to whom".

Enter the expenses of each participant, possibly specify the share paid by each and get instantly the balance sheet that will tell you who owes how much and to whom.

To do the accounts collaboratively

With, you do not need to register and none of your personal information is stored. We only ask for your email to send you the link to your shared expense sheet but we do not keep it (and of course we do not share it either).

Transmit the link to the expense sheet to your friends so they can enter their own expenses and see their debts.

Of course, works just as well on your computer as it does on your tablet or smartphone.

When it's complicated to do the accounts easily handles the most complicated accounting situations: for example, Sean and Lisa count for 2 and ½ because they have a child, but we count 3 shares for gas and toll. At the same time, Lin has lent $20 to Rob but he only counts for 0.75 units for gasoline and toll as it is his car.

With, you can ensure a fair division of expenses and an optimal debt repayment plan.

Check out the presentation to find out how can help you do your accounts with friends.

Also, you can play with this expense sheet.

Manage your roommate accounts

For accounts between roommates

Because managing accounts in a roomming situation can be more complicated than splitting the bill of a party, provides a specific application so that a debt paid is a roommate kept.

By logging in with your Google account, you keep track of all the expenses and debts of your roommates. Create a group for your roommates, invite your roommates to join this group and stop with complicated situations!

And if you often share expenses with another group of people, such as your co-workers or your sports club, works just as well!

Manage your roommate's expense sheets

Create expense sheets that correspond to periods, events, or anything that makes sense to group expenses.

You can create an expense sheet every month, or when there is a change of roommate, a new squatter or someone is away more than a week.

You can create as many expense sheets as you need: for example, one for the regular expenses like the rent, another for shared runs, and an expense sheet for the roommates' party.

Keep the debts simple! was created for real life with roommates: some pay different shares, some are not there at the same time and others do not enter their expenses before 2 months.

With, you can manage all accounting cases in a fair and efficient way. And you keep track of the debts and repayments of your roommates.

Go to the presentation to see how works for roommate.